E the Pony

I think some artists are underappreciated, or can be appreciated more, or whatever.  They draw awesome and come up with great stuff okay?!  

I am pretty sure that one of the reasons I love MLP so much is because of Egophiliac.  One of the very first embroidery designs I ever did was one of Ego’s ENTIRE comics on a bath towel, which Ego currently has.  She probably drys her hands on her comic, that’s awesome xD hehe.  Anyway,  I happened upon a small pic that Ego drew of Derpy delivering a letter in a comic.  I swear it was on her tumblr, but I couldn’t find it just now to link :(  I had some sheets made, and was going to hand them to her at bronycon.  Sadly, I am unable to make it, so I have to make do with posting a pic here.

Another artist that I love is choco-pepper, who draws Ask Echo the Wonderbolt.  The character and art is just heartmeltingly cute.  The picture chocopepper drew of E and Greyscarf made my heart turn into mush.  So those had to be made into stamps too :)

Dawwwww is allowed.